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We get everywhere around the world

We get everywhere around the world

Our foreign trade

Import and export services

Customs Broker
Estudio logistica

Find out how much your product will cost in your warehouse in Mexico. We operate import and export processing, we support you during the processes and customs procedures.

  • Analysis of the legal, fiscal and foreign trade bases.

  • Tariff classification of goods within the scope of the law of general import and / or export tax.

  • Rules of origin and procedures of the different treaties with advice on foreign trade.

  • Receipt and verification of goods.

Customer segmentation
Clientes logistica

Support in your custom Foreign Trade business operation.

  • We collect and prepare (costs, time and quality).

  • Documentation (we guide the client to organize information requirements).

  • We design your strategies to develop new services based on the needs of small, medium (SMEs) and large companies.

  • Our alliances are established to cover different sectors of production and economies.


 Coordination in international trade
Comercio logistica

Logistics trade

INTEGRAL support in your operation.

  • We contact your Provider (we schedule order, compliance with rules, payments, documentation, delivery, and negotiation)

  • We operate International Logistics (we schedule collection)

  • We Operate Import Processing (we program high with A.A., documents, notification of payments and experienced monitoring)

  • We operate National Logistics (we schedule delivery at destination)

ubicación logistica

We have alliances in the main ports and airports of the world, our greatest strength, we support you in your growth.

  • Flexibility and ability to adapt to market demand.

  • The expansion has the advantage of reducing costs depending on the size of your plant and increasing production, which implies economies of scale and greater profits.

  • Our staff is qualified to function in an international environment in terms of culture and language.

  • We have specialists dedicated to R & D, so the cost of implementation and development is less for your company.

Coordination in foreign trade
Coordinación logistica

Logistic coordination

Subcontract a Department of Foreign Trade, made to your needs.


We are aware of the great difficulties that arise every day when carrying out foreign trade operations.

Our experience in quality matters helps exporters and importers to establish innovative and efficient solutions, making their operations comply with the applicable regulations of each country, helping to minimize times and reduce risks.

The Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) programs guarantee the payment of corresponding customs taxes and the speeding up of customs procedures.

  • Foreign Trade Consulting.

International trade rules
Certificación logistica

We have specialists dedicated to R & D, so the cost of implementation and development is less for your company.

  • Intellectual property (Councils of the aspects related to trade).

  • Sanitary and phytosanitary measures (greater understanding of its methodology and application, and evaluation procedures among all interested parties).

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