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Air freight

Our air transport service stands out for its speed, security and flexibility from any source, to any airport in the world.

Characteristics of our air services

Freight for general cargo
  • For all types of cargo, we subdivide into normal freight rates that apply to shipments with a maximum weight of 45 kilos and discount freight for quantities greater than 100, 300, 500 and 1000 kilos.

Logistica avión
Freight by merchandise class
  • This service is specialized for urgent, dedicated, dangerous and temperature controlled loads.

Logística específica
Freight for specific loads
  • Service designed for our users who regularly have shipments of the same product to the same destination.

Logistica entrega
Freight for Transport Units
  • Applicable service for cargo traveling by the means of transport used by airlines, such as pallets or containers.

Logistca contenedor
Logistic Consultants
supervición logistica

We are experts in the field, we advise you so that your warehouse and your distribution are handled in the most efficient, fast and safe way. Especially with a focus on cost reduction and profitability for your company.

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